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 Navigating through Oceania with an Urban perspective    

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  Polynesian Inspired Performing Arts

Journey through the South Pacific Islands of Polynesia as we learn sacred dances of Hawaii, Tonga, Fiji, Maori, Samoa.  Songs are also learned and performed for the final recital "Luau" where the campers will navigate the audience through a spectacular tour of Polynesia!

Ukulele & Polynesian Drumming Workshops

Ukulele has been part of the Hawaiian culture of "Paniolo" for many years, and has carried into the songs and dances of all Polynesia.  Tahitian Drumming or "Pake" have traditional beats that define its art and have been passed down through many generations.  Both sessions infuse traditional and modern forms by Masters and campers.

  Choral Group Music Appreciation    

In a choral group setting, campers will learn cultural songs that are rarely heard in their homes and gauge their interest in the music of their ancestors.  The traditional hymns introduce and help with uniformity, discipline and teamwork among the choir and raise appreciation of the natural sounds of our children's voices.  Musical selections share historical experiences of the arrival and impact of colonialism, love songs and religion in native lyrics.

  Field Trips of Fun Under the Sun   

The San Francisco Bay Area is rich in culture and arts from all over the world and is home to new innovations that drive today's world economy and trends.  Many of our youth have yet to see or experience these amazing and historic landmark sites within their own backyards. Field Trips takes them a step closer to realizing their potential, raising their awareness and broadening their cultural antennae. 

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